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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Please don't cry

Last night I was at my brothers place with my boyfriend.  We had a fun time drinking pina coladas and playing the game bull shit, which I won.  I have this on going thing with my brothers.. I will never learn to play poker ha ha.  It was still a fun night.  When my boyfriend and I went to go to sleep I could tell he wanted to talk.  So we did.  You see this morning I went to my bestfriends(old bf) house.  He is out of the country and we talk through email.  It being mothers day though, he got to call home.  

So my boyfriend, J, asked me if my friend, P, knew about him.  I said I hadn't told P yet.  We are still working out other things in our relationship.  J kept pushing the subject.  I was somewhat drunk so that didn't help.  I started crying "babe please don't cry" J says.  I was so upset though.  I wanted to yell at him, tell him to go away, don't touch me, don't talk to me.  I just cried. 

I'm sick of life right now.  I miss P.  I really hope he gives me a second chance to be his friend.  

Sorry this entry isn't very uplifting

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LoveMeDead said...

i know how you feel, im going through the exact same thing right now. you just have to try hard to take your mind off of him, and convince yourself you dont need him. if he doesnt want to be friends then just agree...eventually, if i understand your situation correctly, he will get drunk or sad and decide to give you a call.
boys are so predictable.
hope it works =)
xoxoxo amybear<3