You're not alone

Friday, May 29, 2009


What do I love about this picture?  Her long hair.  Her bony elbows.  Thin silhouette.  I am inspired everyday by beautiful pictures like this.

Today was pretty good.  I was supposed to do a photoshoot but I really didn't feel well enough so I rescheduled.  I worked for a few hours and then went to the coffee shop to steal internet and work on the book I'm writing.  Afterward I went up the canyon to utah's version of a beach.  I took a guy friend with me.  It was fine. I know he is attracted to me.  He knows about my eating disorder and sometimes its nice to be able to talk to him openly about it.  I drove him home and after he got dressed for work we were getting ready to go. He stopped me and hugged me.  Then pinned me against the wall. Tried to kiss me. I just said no.  I'm not a cheater "you sure?" "yes" "its all good. thought i'd try".  I hate men

no food today.  i have a dinner i'm going to tomorrow "there will be vegan and gluten free food there so you have to eat" my mom said.  After that I don't have obligations to eat for a while.  I'm doing the weight loss competition. wonderful idea btw



MyNameIsMellon said...

*Sigh* I want to be skinny enough to have these kinds of experiences.

myObsession09 said...

men are disgusting. he should already have known not to try, why would he still? ugh that bothers me so much lol

faz77 said...

I really want long hair with a thin silhouette too. And what a douche ''thought I'd try'' ugh!
Good for you turning him down. Anyway I changed the point system to the way you asked, thanks for your suggestions. Good luck with the competition. xoxo Farah