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Friday, November 13, 2009

You are all so sweet

Thanks to those who comment on my last post. You were all so true! Flushed.. I love you! Wonderful words. I guess I'm not being hpocritical if I'm just trying to get him to be healthy, because I do love and care for him. And Sar I'm actually from Utah...but somewhat close to CA. I'm jealoust that you live in NY. Lets party.

For some reason I really love this picture. So creepy/beautiful. Maybe creepy isn't the right word. Mysterious Yes I like it.

So I've been feeling a lot better about life. I've been given new responsibilites at work and I actually feel like an important person as far as the work place goes. I'm valuable in that aspect eh? Feels nice. Especially since jobs can be somewhat foreboding, dulling, brain numbing, mind killing, life sucking and what not. He he. Okay i'm done. But yeah I'm enjoying work.

Coaching has been a blast this year! We have a meet today actually, I have to leave pretty soon. I'm so proud of my swimmers. They are all(most of them anywya) working their butts off! I'm excited to see how they'll do.

Lastly: My band is playing at a battle of the bands tonight!!!! I hope we win. If we win tonight we get to compete in the finals tomorrow. I'm excited!! Fingers crossed.

Stay strong everyone!!! Weekends can sometimes be hard, but keep motivated and focused!!


LoveMeDead said...

hey just saw your post. i just got back from my haitus. and ive missed you all so much. i love the post. check me out please?

Flushed said...

Your BAND! WTF?! Stick you just keep piling on more and more AWESOMENESS onto your already AWESOME list of things I know about you!

I love you too!!!

P.S. Did I mention how AWESOME you are? I did? Okay, just checking.

Schulz said...


Emily said...

I was stagnant and hating life for a while at work too until they recently gave me more responsibility. Now I hate work and I have a lot of shit to do. Lol just kidding. Having work to do at work feels way better than sitting on your ass and doing nothing like I was. (Imagine...working at work...what a novel idea!)

GOOD LUCK AT BATTLE OF THE BANDS! I agree with Flushed...being in a band is WAY awesome! Hope you do well!

Stay strong darling!