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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Missing People

I miss some of you girls who aren't posting, nads, steph. come back soon.

I worked out with the team this morning.
I led them in a lot of circuit workouts. Arms, abs, butt. the works
I was busy at the office today, 4 new hires.
I didn't eat all day, fell asleep with J for a while
we finished the last of the pot.
which is good because I really need to sober my mind

Girls and Boys never give up. Never let anyone tell you what to be. Find what makes you happy and hold onto it. When you mess up refocus, revisualize, re vamp. Go for a walk. Do a few crunches. There is always tomorrow. You are in control of your attitude, your mind, your control. Try and stay positive, I know its hard. I hate my life but most the time I can find a small amount of sunshine through people, music, blogging. I look in the mirror and see myself fat, even with my hipbones, collarbones and decreased weight. How strange my mind that loves to play tricks on me. I'm not perfect, but I'm not ugly. How is that? How about I know I'm beautiful? On the inside. I try to be a good person. Wow. I'm done rambling. You are all worth more than you may think. Thanks for your support. I'll post on thursday before I go out of town.



Fallen-Angel said...

That was actually really inspiring :)
Thank you.


Sottile said...

Thank you. I needed that this morning :)

SBB said...

I loved your ramble, very inspirational and motivating. Keep looking for that tiny ray of sunshine, staying positive is half the battle and once you have that down the rest is easy!
I know what you mean about your mind playing tricks, I feel just as big if not bigger right now after losing 15 lbs.. I hope you have a great week hun! You are beautiful.

Flushed said...

I love this positivity that is infecting (in a GREAT way, of course) the community! Let's stick with it!! I love this. Good ramble :)

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.


Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

Love optimistic posts. You have just spread a little bit of sunshine into my room. You are beautiful, on the inside as well as out, I've seen your pictures you are a cutie!!!
Anyway, Much love to you as always.

quite peculiar said...

Even though you say you were 'rambling' I find that this post was oh so needed in my oh so crumbling world.. <3

and with that thank you <33


Nicole said...

Im new to your blog and I absolutely love it. This post is so inspiring :-). Will definitely be following you honey. Im on a similar journey to you and reading this kind of thing really helps me to keep going. Follow my journey too if you like.

Sending big hugs xxx