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Monday, November 2, 2009

back to earth

So I'm going to begin my story with Saturday evening:
I picked up J and we got to my apt. We were planning on hanging out with David and doing robo, drinking alchy and what not. Well David was having a bad day so we had to figure out a sneaky way to get him to hang out with us. We went to subway and I got a guilty free salad. Once we'd gotten drunkish(i was empty stomached) we all popped a bottle of robo. We went outside to smoke and drink and chat and laugh. Well I was the first one to feel sick. I went into the house and laid on my bed. I was tripping majorly. I was dry heaving couldn't stand up. J and David went outside for a smoke. The door bell rang, children knocked. I went and answered the door completely high. I'm sure my neighbors think i'm crazy ha ha. Anyway i started leveling out the next few hours and i survived the roboville. i will never do that shit again.
Sunday: we woke up and got some coffee. Went to J's house and was so happy just to smoke a joint. A mild non crazy high. I ate some cereal to help with the hang over and and drug recovery. We watched Hanibal. Goodness I loved it. After that we went to target to get some edibles and what nots for J. When we got back I drank this huge screw driver. I got drunk fast. I ate the rest of my salad...then the freak out began.
I was seizing for probably an hour or two. Trying to throw up, my body jerking uncontrollably. J was so helpful in being a complete dick. He didn't know if he should be taking me serious or whatever. I couldn't help it.
I'm fine now but it was crazy. Needless to say I need to be sober for a few days and let my mind come back to earth. I love you all so much. Stay strong and thin!


Sottile said...

I'm so glad to hear you're okay!!

Flushed said...

Oh my! So glad you are back on solid ground again! I've had some bad highs/drunks bueno, it's like you're trapped in hell and all you can do is endure until it's over...

Heart U!

Felicity said...

Oh, sorry to hear that, that sounded awful. I'm glad you're okay now though.

Let's make this week better, and stronger.