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Monday, November 9, 2009

Its a new week!

Today has been good. I've been lounging around with J. Smoking some great green. I thought I'd write a few of my goals

Quit Smoking [x](j and i decided we're done today)
Quit Smoking Pot[]
Cut back on coffee []
Go to the gym 6 days a week[]
Get under 120 before thanks giving []
Be more strict on my veganism []
Get to under 800 cals a day[]
Start running after my ankle can handle it again[]

Its good to write goals down on paper or put it out in the open. I'm doing alright with eating. I always tend to eat more when I smoke pot. But I've done well the past few days. All healthy low cal stuff. But i can't get comfortable. I've got to start restricting a little bit more. I know I can do it, and I will.

My best friend/ex boyfriend gets home in a month. Holy shit this is going to be drama. Girls I might really need a few shoulders to cry on. Stay strong! Don't give in to weakness.


what if summer... said...

Sorry, I had to laugh when you said you tend to eat more when you smoke pot. It's one of those statements that's pretty redundant lol

Drama with you best friend/ex boyfriend? Did I miss something?

Hopefully you won't need a shoulder to cry on :/

I agree writing goals down is a great idea. Stick to 'em!


LivingDeadGirl said...

Oh god, I get the munchies so bad when I smoke pot. There is no stopping me haha.

I'm trying to go vegan. It's not working out very well. But that may be because I live in a house of milk drinking, cheese loving people lol.

Ana's Girl said...

I agree. It definately helps to write down your goals and see them there staring up at you from the paper. You can meet them all, i'm sure.
My shoulder is always here for you, love. My email is if you need it. Much much love.

Felicity said...

You're so motivated, I really admire that. Your goals are pretty similar to the ones I've set myself too. I know you'll be able to stick to them, easy. You're strong. And knowing that you're sticking to yours will give me more motivation to stick to mine! Ha, no pressure.

I hope things don't get too hard with your ex coming back. I'm always here if you need anything.


Anonymous said...

I hope you complete all of your goals! I love making lists of goals to accomplish it just makes me feel like I am already in the process of winning this. I hope you feel the same.
Good luck darling!