You're not alone

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Support Eachother

I started my blog to get my thoughts and feelings about my eating disorder out in the open. To help people feel support. To help people understand what an ED is. To gain support. To feel like I wasn't alone.

I want everyone that reads my blog to know I'm here for you. Everyone on here is beautiful and we all deserve more than what we know.

I had a fun weekend and was so excited to come home to my J. When he saw me he picked me off my feet and spun me around. He is my angel. I love him.

I am looking forward to this week
Gym everyday, no exceptions
at least one 24 hour fast
Stay strong everyone


*Princess*Smile* said...

glad your weekend was good! good luck this week x

Sar said...

Love to you! as well darling : )

I am glad you had a good weekend! You inspire me!


Anonymous said...

you are amazing and it is you who deserves more than anyone else. thank you for caring and good luck this week!

Stella Starver said...

Thanks, hun. You're great thinspo to us all.


SBB said...

omFG I love your stomach!! I want it, on my body =P like now.
You and J are super cute! And you my dear are amazing, and supportive and you have achieved exactly what you have set out to do!

Beginning to Beautiful said...

I love that no matter how rough things get, you are so positive. I'm sure you give the rest of us hope in the low times. <3