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Friday, November 6, 2009

Internet in my hotel room!

This is me, and its for my 115 followers!!! I love you all
I get to sneak in a blog tonight before I do room checks to make sure my swimmers are in their beds.

So plan for now is just to keep restricting more and more everyday. It may take longer for me to get down to 118 but because i've been slowly restricting I've been steadily losing or maintaining. I don't tend to binge.

But I do need to step it up at the gym. My ankle still swells which drives me mad. I'd be getting so much more toned even faster.

Stay strong this weekend everyone!! I'll catch up on sunday


quite peculiar said...

Looking good hun!! :DD
I hope you are having a safe trip and keep up the AMAZING WORK :))

lovely ribs and hip bones <33


Mina Belle said...

So thin so pretty <3

Sottile said...

You look great!!

Fallen-Angel said...

Wow :)
You look amazing and thin!!
I wish I looked like you :)
Muchlove xox

diente de león said...

i love your body. it's so thin but not so thin that you think "oh she looks like shes a proper anorexic bitch" (you know how sometimes you just cannot be happy for other people who are thin, but there are people who are thin and you look at them and think well she deserves it, she looks after her body ...) maybe it doesnt make sense, but i like your body and i like the fact that it's yours :) after all you've been doing so good those last couple weeks.
and i really like your legs.

miss you a bit :( feel like i havent had proper contact with you for years :( and that makes me a bit sad.

i think you will be just fine with your fast ... hopefully!

LivingDeadGirl said...

Holy shit! I'm around 115 and you're smaller than I am. I'd kill for your hips.

Anonymous said...

you are my thinspo for the day! congrats beautiful!