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Friday, November 20, 2009

That time of the month

Finally started el uterus bleeding. 4 weeks and 5 days.

I've been doing really well. Sorry I haven't been blogging. Its just that I have nothing to talk about. This whole week I've been mostly non productive. Ha ha. I do have one funny story:

[textfromMe] I'm just going to be straight with you.
My period is three days late
I think I'm pregnant
You're probably the father.
[jsays] why would you say that?
I didn't respond because I was about to see him face to face. It was a totaly joke, that is why I said "probably the father". Even if we were having sexual intercourse and there WAS a possibilty of me being pregnant..of COURSE he would be the father.
Welll I get to his new place and he looks at me and says(quite angrily) " Why did you say that?" I was like "fuck babe I was just kidding" We both let ourselves calm down and then I said "If there really was a chance I was pregant I wouldn't joke about it.
He is just funny.
My weight is back down, but my body is bloated, but boobs are sore. Fucking periods. Yes I'm going to bitch and moan about them because they suck.
My plan lately has been fast every other day. Never eating over 800. Its been working out pretty well. I've missed you all. I hope I still have some people who care to listen to my ramblings. REmember STAY STRONG!


Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

Hey sweetie, missed you too! Haven't blogged yet as I feel like I am back to square one. Boys just don't understand the pregnacy humour, as if you would joke? lol. I've been worst than non productive, practically going backwards! Maybe I'll blog now.
Much love

Sottile said...

Yeah, boys are just programmed to freak out at the thought of pregnancy I think haha! And if you can't bitch about your period on here, where else? We all know what you're talking about, and we all sympathize!


Sar said...

Hey Stick Thin,

Glad to see your comment and post! I have wondered how you were doing. Sounds like you are well : ) Which is GREAT! I am good too, just living/chillen/restricting!

Hope the next few days go by FAST for you..

Stay strong!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stick Thin,

I know how you feel about the bloating. It makes me feel so... Icky. But if you're losing, then imagine how you'll look afterwords!!! Good for you. Also, since you mentioned that you've been fasting-eating-fasting-eating, I thought I would point out that this is a very good idea. A big thing in weight loos like this is to vary your caloric intake. High day-low day- fast day- low day and so on, kind of like what you're doing.

You're such an inspiration, wow!!


Ana's Girl said...

Haha. You goof. J was prolly like "wtf, we didn't even do anything!" Lol. It's good to hear from you again. Stay strong, beautiful.

Emily said...

"Probably"? Haha. I get good results from varying fast days with low cal days. Hope its working well for you too. The key is sticking with it. ;)



Mina Belle said...

Hey! Our periods are in sync!