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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nuts about berries

I am really sore today. Horridly sore. But it is the sore that hurts so good. The sore that lets you know you're building muscle and toning up.

oh and the sore
that makes your bf feel sorry
so he rubs your shoulders all day
hurts so good

I had a pretty good day today. I feel really in control. I went to the place called zupas to get din din for me and my boy boy. I ordered a berry salad and vegetable soup. While driving to pick up coffee I ate the piece of roll that came with the meal. I was starving. But I'm glad I ate it before meeting up with J because it gave my body time to digest and get over the ravenous/binge mode. When we finally started eating I finished my soup and felt completely satisfied. I saved my salad for lunch tomorrow.

I have a goal for this weekend but i want to know your thoughts and comments/motivation:

Alright so friday morning I embark on a over night swim meet.
we leave at 8:00 friday and get back late saturday.
i'm usually exhausted after this trip(this is my third year)
all i want to do is sleep when i get home.
last year i was restricting and at my lowest weight
last year i fasted the whole trip.
i want to do it again

What do you think? Doable? The bus ride is about 5 hours. Then we drop off stuff at the hotel. The first day of the meet last until dinner time. Then we go out to eat, but I don't eat fast food. Continental breakfast in the morning. I can put a plate together and then not eat it. No lunch during the second day. Coffee. And then dinner stay on the bus and sleep.

i can do this i think.
I have stayed around 125 but i want to get closer to 120 again. I got to get to the gym everyday, no ecxeptions. I've been doing a least 4-5 days a week. Time to bump it up. Thats the thing we all need to do, change up how we do things. Kick things up a notch. Keep pushing yourself, don't become degenerate, boring. Thats when we slip up, thats when we binge. We need to keep ourselves busy. Keep our minds focused. What inspires you? Answer for me is: my followers. You help me so much. I love you all



Skinniness said...

It's sounds like a good plan, and I really think you can do it!
You're absolutely right, we need to push ourselves. I need to push myself much harder at least, and I'm starting now, after reading this. Thank you!

Stay strong <3

Sottile said...

Your plan sounds well thought out; you can definitely do it! Changing things up keeps your body guessing and is a great idea, thanks! Think thin!


quite peculiar said...

Your plan it TOTALLY doable!! Especially since you have it all planned out :)))

I love your motivation, "Keep pushing yourself, don't become degenerate, boring."


Stay strong sweetie! And have a good, and safe trip!!

Good luck with your plan and you will succeed!!!


Ana's Girl said...

Ah i love that soreness. :) I miss it; must get it back for myself.
You can definately keep with your plan; i know how strong you are. You're an inspiration to me. Reach for the stars, love.

Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

I think the plan is definately attainable, sounds as thou you will lots to be doing to keep your mind off it.

My boyfriend inspires me and blogs like your. Your motivation really is amazing babe, if you could bottle it and sell it you would make a mint!
Much love girly!

Anonymous said...

I love that soreness too, its your body thanking you for making it move instead of sitting around! Your plan is do-able, don't allow yourself to fail! Good luck with your fast and with your swim meet!

Nicole said...

Wow honey you're such an inspiration to me! I really miss that soreness after really pushing yourself. I must find some motivation like yours and start working out. You;re doing an amzing job and I think your plan is fabulous! I believe that you can do it and if you believe in yourself, pretty much anything is achievable. This is well within your reach honey, you go for it :-)

Good luck

Big hugs and thin thoughts


Felicity said...

I hope your fast is going well, I know you can do it - you're so strong. It's good to hear that you're feeling in control.

I loved what you wrote at the end of your post. I've had such a bad few days... it's time to change things, definitely.

You are an inspiration to me.