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Monday, November 23, 2009

Dramatic day

It goes as follows:

10:00 arrived at work. Nothing to do so I just checked my email, found out my best friend will be coming home from africa in two weeks and two days! I emailed my Mom about how depressed I have been feeling.

10:30 ignored a call from my old salon manager.

11:00 called back my old boss. Yesterday(sunday) I went into the salon to retrieve my blow dryer and straightener to do my sisters hair. Well when my I got on the phone with her she freaked out. "that was breaking and entering, that was trespassing, some of my stuff is missing, now i have to pay for new locks and i want you to pay for them". My boss has a very strong personality, very strong. I agreed to pay for the locks and then I bawled to J about how I didn't have money to pay for them, how I was afraid she might sue me. I talked to my Mom who said there was no way she would win a case if she did sue me and I shouldn't have to pay for the locks.

12:00 I wrote her a letter. Apologizing for upsetting her, explaining that my emotional issues were part of the reason for my less than professional choices, blah blah blah. I calmed down.

1:30 She called me back to tell me the amount it would cost to change the locks. I told her I couldn't afford to pay for it all and she said the only other option was to go through the police. One reason was because the building owners were wanting her to change the locks. But I told her if that was going to be the case I'd rather just go through the police.

2:30 I get to my own salon and there is a police officer there as well. He questions me "Did you take anything that didn't belong to you? Why did you come when anyone else wasn't here" My answer "I have no ill feelings and no reason to steal, I came at that time of day becuase my sister wanted me to do her hair last minute and I was in the area" I filed a police report, I gave her my nice letter. She seemed a little more chilled

I missed a swim meet because of the whole police and salon drama, i let him search my car and blah blah blah fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit.

My Dad called me while I was at the salon "No one messes with my little girl" So i feel confident if they do press charges that my Dad and his lawyer will kick ass.

5:00 got drunk until now. Holy shit this has been a dramatic day. Dramatic. Its bullshit. I didn't steal anything from her, and I can't believe she attacked me like that. It just makes me hate myself when I shouldn't.

So hopefully I don't have to have more drama with the court.

My raw food diet didn't start today, but my intake was low so tomorrow is a new day. I'm still drunk. I love you ladies and gents(if any?) stay strong!


Sarah. said...

oh my god. you did have an eventful day - hope it all ends up ok!

Sottile said...

That sucks! Your old manager sounds like a bitch. If they were your hair dryer and straightener to begin with, why is she freaking out? You shouldn't have to pay for locks; she should. Good luck, and I am sure you will come out of this the winner, since you did nothing wrong!


Ana's Girl said...

Wow. that's intense. I can't believe that she'd do that. What a complete and total bitch. Don't you dare pay for those locks; it's her responsibility, not yours!

Anonymous said...

WOW! your boss is seriously out of her mind whats her case going to be? PMS!? Im so sorry sweet heart your day sounds crazy and just awful!!! I miss you doll and if you need anything or want to chat text me! stAy stroNg! thiN(k) thiN! XOXO Lyndee

ps. she was probably just mad she lost a really good stylist. <3

GTMS- Becca said...

Oh my gosh! What a rude lady! What did she say was even missing that wasn't yours? Ridiculous! The good thing is that even with drama you kept your intake down! When there's drama going on I get nervous and I cant help by eat eat eat!

Weasel Bee said...

Woah. She sounds like she made a hugely unnecessary big deal over something tiny. Don't worry, no way would she win in a court battle. :) On the bright side, yay for your friend coming home from Africa! I know how it feels to be waiting on friends coming home, I've had friends go on exchange and stuff... it's so exciting when they come back!