You're not alone

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Battle of the bands.. Well it was really battle of the popularity. Unfortunately this really shitty band that had no talent(playing power chords over and over isn't very musical). I'm over it, we'll just have to rock it bigger! The Iso Principle is our blog. The songs with my cello haven't been produced yet, but I'll keep you posted.

I got in a major fight with J friday night though. I thought he was going to dump me. I was so scared. I am underage but I got a huge bottle of Vodka from my brother.
My plan was to get pissed drunk. The i decided to grow some balls and talk to J.
Long story short..we talked things over. We're better, but he said I needed to change.
Totally justified.


I gained 4 pounds over the week. I dropped one pound of so far, and I am keeping working hard. I'll be under 120 in two weeks.

Starting with a fast tomorrow.

STay STrong!!!


Sar said...

Oh nooo!! I'm sorry sweetie, fighting SUCKS!

They say bad luck comes in threes...battle of the bands loss..fight with J... weight gain.

I think the bad is done and some amazing things are going to happen for you soon!


Schulz said...

Awe that sucks about battle of the bands! Most people dont even know good music anyways, perform where people actually appreciate it, and it'll be fantastic! Dont worry about the weight gain, Im sure you look gorgeous no matter what :) dont stress.

Emily said...

I would have voted for you. Any band that has unconventional instruments in it (stringed ones for sure) always have a vote from me because anyone can make a guitar rock but only few can rock a cello! Hope you hit 120 this week! You can do it!