You're not alone

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yes I fake tan.

So its time to crack down on myself, push myself harder. I want to do this by eating raw foods only. I've been feeling in control lately, but I definitely could do better. Tomorrow I want to eat less than 200 cals.

Coffee with a bit of soy -20
banana 90

I shouldn't need anything more than that. I will also be pretty busy. I'll drink the coffee in the morning. An apple at work. Then go to the gym and have a banana. Now that my ankle is starting to feel better I can start running again. Running tones my legs pretty quickly, and I want them to be toned because: I WANT TO FIT INTO MY OLD SKINNY JEANS!! J bought me a new pair of skinnies yesterday. They are a size 25(so about a 2) My other skinnies are a size 24. I can fit into them, but its definitely tight and unflatering. I want to fit into them in two weeks. That is my goal. So raw foods it is. No more soda. No more junk(and by junk i mostly mean the food I've been eating lately, salad with beans and rice and stuff.

I can do this. I will do it because I've done it before. Its time to bring up my old phrases and excuses :

I'm not hungry
i already ate
No thanks

Ha ha. Stay strong everyone


Anonymous said...

raw foods ROCK! I did a raw foods detox awhile back, and felt awesome.

try taking a vegetable peeler to zucchini, and peel away so you get wide strips of the vegetable. then throw some marinara on top, or whatever topping you like. so low-cal, and very delish.

good luck!

and your abs look great!

Ana's Girl said...

You're so beautiful, darling. Stay strong and use your excuses to the max. You'll be in those skinnies before you know it. ;)

GTMS- Becca said...

You know how I know you're going to really do it? Because you have so much conviction and you know how to say NO! :) woot woot! You'll get back in those skinnies, girl!

R Harlow B said...

Running does wonders for my legs too :)