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Thursday, April 30, 2009

21% Thats pretty high

Yesterday I worked out with my trainer. She had me weigh myself and take a body fat % test. I was mortified and she could tell. She got me to calm down..I'm still mortified. I'm at 21% body fat. That is so disgusting. I was down to 13% at one point. Anyway last night I modeled my suit for my bf. It took me 10 seconds to run back into the bathroom after I showed him. We climbed in bed and he asked if I wanted his opinion. He said I looked wonderful, but as far as modeling..he rubbed part of my stomach..that might be a small problem.

I told him about being weighed and getting my body fat %. He asked me what it was. After arguing I told him my weight(barf) and then my %. "Yeah thats pretty high"

Ok I love my bf. Why would you tell me that though? Do you think that helps? I know that its high. I'm a fat lard.. I don't need you to tell me its high. I asked my boyfriend to break up with me if I gained another pound. He said he'd break up with me if I gained 50 pounds. Gross. Looks like I'm stuck becuase no way in hell will I ever gain 50 pounds. Once I'm out of the 130's I plan to never be in them again.
I'm going to my interview for the modeling thing tonight. I took some laxatives last night. I'm taking water pills today. I hope my personality will convince them to give me a chance. If


Meggy said...

thats really not that high, but for a fashion model (sigh) it might be..but honestly, you shouldnt worry about the numbs so much, because it really depends on the person. if you do ab work outs, tiwst and tighten your core excercises, even on an elliptical, and crunches, youll tone up. and duh, just fast and all your bloating will go down and your body will immidiately take extra weight from you tummy area to compensate for the negative cals.

good luck with everything. and it sounds like your hubby is AMAAZING and wonderful :) sounds like a keeper!

myObsession09 said...

it just means he loves you no matter what. I swear sometimes I think my boyfriend would say im skinny even when im 150! :P
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