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Monday, April 20, 2009


Its finally warm where I live.  I got a little sun kissed yesterday, and I'm sitting outside today as a post this blog.  Does anyone else just love feeling the sun warm your body?  It is one of the best feelings that I can experience.  The sun really helps me be happy.  During the winter I usually have to sit in the tanning beds so that I can get warm.  When I don't see the sun for a while I can get extremely depressed.  Now I just want my body back in shape so I can go swimming and what not.  Here is my current body.  Not horrible.  But fat as hell.

I ate some chocolate this morning, I feel totally guilty.  I haven't eaten anything since..and its nearly 2:00.  I had some coffee though and I want more.  My stomach feels hungry and I love that feeling.  I should probably eat a little something before I go workout with my trainer.  I can't decide if I want to weigh myself.  I will.  I always do.  I know I shouldn't though because I always hate myself after.  I have some veggies in the fridge that I need to eat up..I'll probably just do that.  

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