You're not alone

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Last night I wore a swimsuit in front of my boyfriend.  Not only am I fat..but I was also a little bloated from something.  I so disgusting.  How does he like me?

Ok negative out of the way.  I was down a pound yesterday!  I feel my control coming back.  I'm so sore from getting back into working out.  Its a good sore, ya know?  I can't ever give up on life even thought I really want to do so.

Today I went on a run.  Before my car accident I was running 3-4 days a week and at least 3 miles each time.  I was training for a half marathon..well due to the accident I couldn't run it.  I still want to run another one later this year.  I just have to make sure my body is ready for that.  

My weight is unkown but I don't feel as fat as I have been.  I hope to be under 130 by wednesday.

Its sunny outside! That makes me smile


La Petite Princesse said...

I love the feeling of control coming back. Nothing tastes better.

Stick Thin said...

Nothing taste as good as being thin feels :)

Meggy said...

wow i ran a half marathon just two weekends ago!! it felt GREAT!! :) you can do it and youll love yourself so much for finishing. you can always walk for a bit, remember that!!

Stick Thin said...

I ran one last year and it was such a good feeling to know I trained for something and actually finished. My ed wasn't really a big deal back then, I still had it but I was allowing myself to eat so I had energy to train. I'm afraid if I ran another right now I'd have a heart attack or something.