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Thursday, October 21, 2010

20 chews, swallow

Intake: 1300 ish. I round way up sometimes(no more sugar you tard)
Out: 450 ish. Ran 45 outside
Weight: still he same as a few days ago

Dinner was funny tonight. I served myself a ton of salad, half a cup of rice, and a small piece of chicken. Our conversation was rather quiet. Then P asked what I was thinking.

Me: you don't want to know(shift my eyes to the side)
P: tell me
Me: I was counting my chews
P: how many?
Me: 20(then I swallowed)
P: 20 chews then swallow? I want to try.

Great I'm teaching my husband how to develop weird eating rituals :)

Below: pumpkin I carved last week.

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Emry said...

Nice pumpkin! I hope we do pumpkins this year (I usually wait until the week of or weekend before). :)

Sophie said...

You have mad pumpkin-carving skills! *jealous* :)

Much love

GTMS- Becca said...

your pumpkin is so cute! :) I think we all have some weird rituals... but I think i'm going to start using this one, because I eat WAY TOO FAST. its like... i wont allow myself to eat for so long and then when I do eat I go crazy and i suck all the food down!

Mich said...

That pumpkin looks amazing!! Mine always end up looking ridiculous, and like a 2 year old carved them... :/


Lund3on said...

Very cute pumpkin! I love it! I love owls!! :) And I teach my bf weird eating habits too! :)