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Monday, October 18, 2010

1 month

I have been a wife for 1 month. Weird to think about.

In 1 month I'll be alone in bed at the treatment center.

In 1 month I could lose around 10 pounds.

Or gain 10

So much can happen in a month.

Ok I am feeling really sick right now. In the stomach. P has continually been paranoid that I could be pregnant. He is just a worrier.

Well with the way I feel right now, a part of me is terrified. I know the chances are very very low, so I'm not trying to think about it too much.

Gotta sleep. Sweet dreams

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Peridot (G+P) said...

Best of luck for the months ahead. I'm hoping you can beat your demons over the head like the warrior princess you are!

If your monthly visitor is late, pee on a stick. That can answer your questions quickly. It's a definite load off.

Sleep tight, Mrs McWifey :)

Stephanie said...

aww congrats on the month of being a wife! but also good luck on the future months, I hope everything works out.
and my bf is the sameee, I think it's a guy thing? he always thinks I'm preggo if my stomach hurts or anything. but yeah just pee on the stick, it does take the load of completely.


Skinny_el said...

Aw don't worry hun! Every guy worries about that as soon as a girl gets a cramp in her stomach! hehe
Congrats on the month <3 I hope the next months bring nothing but happiness and good fortunes!
Stay strong xox

Anonymous said...

So lucky to have such a sweet guy who cared. You will be fine in treatment. You are doing what you need to do for yourself. That takes guts!!

Anonymous said...

Try not to stress to much about treatment even though that might be next to impossible. you are very strong and I know you get better. I'm praying for you love!
x Lyndee