You're not alone

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I love Miss Burton's titles.

Monday: Went running. But got in a tiffy with P which led into Tuesday night, and partly wednesday.

Tuesday Fasted over 24 hours :). Couldn't sleep. Luckily I have no food in my house becuase I was up doing Yoga at 3:00 am

Wednesday: Minimal intake, lots of work. But I do squats and stuff in the bathroom during my shift he he

Now on to the awesome news!!!
Weight: 118 on tuesday

Today: 16.6!!!

I was so happy to be back down to 118
and surprised I weighed 116.6 this morning. I fasted mon night until wed. So being down didn't surprise me, but i did eat yesterday.

Sigh. 110 doesn't seem so impossible.

I think I'll fast until tomorow evening (if I can get away with it) Perry watches me, he doesn't force me to eat, but he takes note if i'm not being 'responsible'

Stay strong!


got2bedancin247 said...

congrats on the weight loss! that's amazing. i'm so proud of you. =]

Sottile said...

OMG 116.6! That's incredible! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Ohmygoodness, this blog is my inspiration right now. I'm only one inch taller than you and when I weighed 118 pounds I was finally starting to feel beautiful and delicate. So I hope you're feeling really good :)....I miss that feeling so much, but hopefully I'll be back down to 118 soon.

Miss Burton said...

110 doesn't seem impossible at all!!! You really are doing a great job these days. Especially those fasts, well done! They should inspire me.
Hah,and I love YOUR title! Thank you :)