You're not alone

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Pictures taken 4/2/2010
Weight: 4/30/2010 116.6

4/2 Intake/Exercise
Blueberries(fought off my sugar craving!)
Iced Coffee
Ensalada (salad with rice and beans)

30 minutes of triceps, lower abs, and chest
60 minutes eliptical
500 ish cals

I love my nail color he he!!

I hate when the fat makes lines :(

Ugly cheeks. I need to tone!!

My arms are getting there



Anonymous said...

You look great! Keep up the good work!

If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them said...

I am so jealous!!!! You are so thin! I wish my body looks like yours!

Keep it up! :D

Miss Burton said...

But best part of your body are your legs, I think. The thigh gap? Lovely. Just lovely.

chocolate in america is like wax? Hah. to be honest I think chocolate sucks EVERYWHERE!!! apart from Germany ... Yep, we have good chocolate. D'you know "milka"? Bad stuff. Tastes good. ah damn, England has those Penguin bars, they're good, too.

Hm I think I'll get used to him. P. You seem to really love him and I'm happy for you. Actually it's not even that weird any more to read about P not J. Hah. There you go. I'm getting there. (As if it was important ... Haha)

Yep it felt good, talking about EDs in general with someone who really seems to ... try to understand. without judging. And not by asking too many questions but paying attention. That was nice, yep.
But it was a bit weird, too, because now I'm like ... Ah he might think: Yeah you're quite fat for an anorexic. Even though he's the one who said: EDs are not at all about the BMI. you don#t have to be underweight to have an ed. But that's probably how an ana's mind works, eh?
On the other hand he made me feel a bit more comfortable. For example we could laugh last night about my hip bones. They were a real pain in the arse. They poked him all the time. That was weird. Haha.

Yeah. I should come to America. As soon as I leave Australia, okay? Gimme some time :D

Love you

Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

Sweetie you look absolutely gorgeous!!! I have to agree with Miss Burton, that thigh gap is yummy!

Weasel Bee said...

okay, you are wicked beautiful. i waaant your legs. and your nail polish, hehe.

also, i think i have the same panties as you, haha. how bizarre.

love you.

M.A.B. said...

I am so impressed you look incredibly amazing!!
I wish my legs looked like yours.

Sottile said...

I hate it when fat makes lines on my stomach, too. It looks like I cut myself really big across my stomach lol.

SBB said...

You look gorgeous, as always. And I also love your nail polish! As well as your tanning peace sign =)
Fat making lines = awful.
Random question - how's your tattoo removal going? I'd love to see progress pics... also how much is it costing if you don't mind me asking.
Wedding date? Wow - congrats. P =) He seems like he's really good for you.

Anonymous said...

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