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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tone your Legs

There are a lot of great exercises for your butt and thigh toning
here are some of my favorites:

Squats: Make sure you are pushing your butt back and not leaning over your ankles. Even if you can't bend super deep at first, you'll get there, and it will still do you wonders. I also like doing leg presses on a machine. This works your inner thighs, butt and hamstring(if you do a press i usually feel it in my quads too)
Lunges: I like to do walking lunges, before I switch legs I kick my back leg up to get some extra glute work
Wall sits. Try doing it in 15 second increased sets. You can also do wallsquats with a ball behind your back
Leg lifts: I like to do Up-Down- bring knee to chest- bring back to parallel
I don't know what this is called: but i like this. I also sometimes use a resistant strap.
Bridge: Love love love this. I do it often.
Cardio will help you burn the fat. But don't forget, you need to do resistance training too! You need to build muscle or else the 'skinny fat' phenomena happens

Other tips:

Skip steps when you walk up stairs. If you have an office job(like me), if you go to the bathroom do some squats or lunges ( i really do it 3-5 times during a shift)

Focus on the muscle group you are trying to target as you work out, don't just lunge, focus on the glutes and the quads




PeriAdot (G+P) said...

Thank you! <3 My legs (Hamstrings especially) need one HELL of a lot of work right now -.-;

I love the feeling of sore muscles after strength training. You just know that you are gonna have nice firm arms/legs/ass in a few weeks :D

Elegant Thinspo said...

awesome post, thanks! my ass/upper legs really need to get into shape.

think thin.

Sottile said...

Ooh, the one on all fours I love! I do a combo of bring it straight back, come back in, and then do the "fire-hydrant-dog". I am sure you can picture what I mean when I say that! That really works your outer upper thighs as well as butt.

Weasel Bee said...

laaady, you are a machine. literally, robogirl. hehe. just reading all this made me feel like i should have burnt some fat off already. you're an inspiration, honestly you WORK to get your body. a lot of girls (mostly me) just try to not eat, and hope that works.. meh. exercise makes me sore. i need to be less lazy. i love you.

meg said...

this is so great! I've been trying to find a good leg exercise, so I am soooooooo thankful!

Kamikazzi_Massacre said...

THX for the tips I'm starting to run three times a week, and these will be great to do when i don't have time to run.

Kamikazzi_Massacre said...
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