You're not alone

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I miss you!

I miss you all! I have been in the process of moving...nearly there.

Soy Mocha
A thin toffee stick dipped in chocolate
Lots and Lots of water
Healthy Choice Pot Sticker Meal

Workout: Moving, I carried a desk down 3 flights, across the parking lot, and up three flights

I am sick right now, congested yet again. So I need to sleep. Classes are going to be fun, but since its an 7 week semester they are going to go fast!! I'm turning 21 in a week :s

I will catch up on a few blogs right now, but hopefully things will settle down so I can finally be on here consistently! Yay for internet :)

Date Taken: 4/25


Elegant Thinspo said...

wow you've got arm muscles - i have like zero!^^

Anonymous said...

moving when you live abouve ground level is always tough ..
i see hip bones :)

Kristal said...

Ah, so defined. I have serious calf muscles but I'm embarrassed to show them. They look like Arnold Schwarzenegger legs.

You look just fantastic. Get better dear.

Sottile said...

Lookin' good, lady! xoxox