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Friday, April 2, 2010

I can't get ahead of myself

Slow and Steady. I have to remind myself that nearly every day.

Intake 4/1

(b) frosted flakes with yummy almond milk
(l/d) I made P some way healthy food
Whole Wheat Pita
tiny mayo, mustard
lots of lettuce
vegetarian chili
other - Strawberry cheescake Rice cream. I admit this one I should have not eaten, but the deed is done.

Sounds like a lot, but it was damn good. Thats right. GOOD. And I'd mostly fasted mon-thurs

Who doesn't want to lose 10 pounds by jumping to lightspeed(star wars style)
or with a blink of an eye?
Yeah if Vampires and Zombies were also real I'd like that too! I'd totally be a Zombie Killer check out a post I did on my other blog
How to survive a Zombie Invasion.

So when I get too antsy to lose weight I have to remind myself of the stark reality.
Slower weight loss = lasting results

I do want to lose at least 8 pounds, and I'm willing to be patient. Here were my recent stats

3/28 - 120.8
3/29 - 120.8
3/31 - 118.8
4/1 - 116.6

I weighed myself this morning. Here is the honest answer: 118.2

Initially I was sad. Pissed. I wanted to just go eat some chocolate covered malt bars that I knew were in my car. I thought:

What did I do to fail?
(but then I realized I hadn't had a bowel movement from eating yesterday
that would explain at least... i don't know .5lb maybe?)
Here is another truth.
118 has been my steady weight, up or down 1-2 pounds. So 116-120 since December ish.
I have been eating and exercising.
I've gone multiple days of eating WAY TOO MUCH sugary and carbo foods

BUT My weight has not ballooned much past 120.

So I haven't failed. I am going running with P today. I'll probably go to the gym before we run too. Maybe. Ugh. I'm an insomniac right now, its not good. I'm going to be sooo busy this weekend

Today: Work(he he I'm totally not at work right now, i wanted to blog and get my iced coffee). Not sure what P and I will do tonight.
Sat: Drive up to my Parents for a family gathering. Do my sisters hair, visit with my immediate family. Drive P to meet up with the males in his family and extended family. Drive home and maybe go to the gym, or sleep?
Sun: Drive up to the conference center to watch my religion's session (I'm LDS. holler if you know what i'm talking about. I'd love to meet other mormons) After that: Drive to P's grandparents, they have a dinner every year
Mon: Work. and then the moment I've been waiting for 3 years ( i didn't go to their concert when the came in 2007)

I am going to see one of my favorite bands:

MUSE!!!! oh how I love

So I'll try to post, if I can. But if not. Stay strong. Maybe I'll post thinspo

This is me this morning getting my coffee:


If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them said...

When I have an unexpected weight gain, I also want to eat too. I know how you feel.

Your collarbones are great! I wish mine looked like yours.

Rand115 said...

I really hate the idea of my metab. slowing to a grinding halt by totally starving myself, it freaks me out. And you're right, slow and steady does win the race, especially when it's a brutally long one.

Jane-Doe said...

Have you read the book, The Zombie Survival Guide? by max Brooks. Completely Amazing! Check it out for sure if you havent.

Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

Hey darlin,

When you said the moment you had been waiting for ... I totally thought you were gonna tell us P had finally proposed! I hate taking things slow and thats normally when I fluctuate so much, you're definately on the right path.

BTW, you collar bones are fit!

Much love

Miss Burton said...

Oh Muse are AWESOME!!! I'm really jealous now to be honest. Haha. But have a good time and take photos!

Sucks, doesn't it? Having this ... "ideal weight" that you aaaalways seem to have. But that's why you#re totally right, you have to let your body get used to the weight loss and in the end it really is better to lose the weight slowly ... It took me more than a year to get from 63/65 kg to where I am now 55/54 kg) ... something like 10 or 12 lbs I guess. But I've not been anywhere near 60 kg. Which is good.

Probably because my body had time to get used to being skinnier.


Anonymous said...

I am so right there with you on numbers right now. I'd gone down, down and was loving it and now I am struggling to maintain at a higher weight. And it sucks. You seem determined so you will get there.

Sarah. said...

arent Muse just AMAZING live?! He is so so so so talented!
Have fun :)
Gorgeous pictures btw, so jealous!