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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The gap in the thigh

Okay So i'm not fat anymore

In fact I was blocked up and bloated. I will post the pic I took. Guess what happened within a day monday?

i dropped 4 pounds

EWWWWW that is gross considering WHY I was 4 pounds up

use your imagination

My next post will include leg exercise advice. Thanks for your lovely comments

Below: Muse
Yay I love drummers! Muse's drummer has a pretty sweet, wet sounding, set (P is a drummer :p)
This was the closest I could get, and then i nearly died because people started jumping around and I was like "eek where is my boy? I need protection" I survived
Matt Bellemy throwing his pick, Dominic talking to the crowd as they exit
P and I at the end of the show I headed up to the front for a bit by myself to try and get shots. Nasty sweaty nastiness. I forgot how sweaty it gets up in the front
This pic is epic, but look at all the people!
The Venue was PACKED. Balcony seats and everything

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Sarah. said...

Ohhhhh they are wonderful - that looks exactly like the set up that they had at big day out ( an aussie music festival that they played at this year ), they are just amazing live! Glad you enjoyed yourself :)