You're not alone

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love the Sunshine

Weight: 118
I'm happy :)

I have to go play piano but I'll update again, if I can.

Date Taken: 4/20

Date Taken: 4/20
I made the shirt this morning! Its my boyfriend's band T


Anonymous said...

your waist is amazing!!

Charr. said...

You look so fricking tiny in that shirt-- jealous! :]

Sottile said...

You made that shirt!?! Wow, you're so crafty and artistic!

becky said...

Wow! I'd be damn happy if I was that thin, too!
Keep it up! xo.

Weasel Bee said...

118, ahhh. you little minx, you're tiny. i am glad you are happy! it's okay that you're busy and not posting as much, being busy is nice. a distraction. i am digging all these photos you're putting up, you're gawrgeousss. that is a very awesome tee-shirt as well, so creative.



I.WANT.THAT.WAISTLINE!! i am so fucking jealous, like...WHERE IS YOUR DAMN STOMACH GIRL? xx