You're not alone

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Guys I need some serious advice. How do you all fall asleep? I can't handle the tossing and turning. Sometimes its due to hunger, other times I just can't sleep. :(

School is going to keep me busy
I forget what its like to do homework
but it will be so worth it :)

Anyone have weekend plans?

I had a second interview for a job today, i hope i can get it. They'll be getting back to me next week or the week after. Its good because I'll be able to focus on my first test coming up.

I have evening class on my birthday, and then a test review the next morning.

happy birthday to me


Kristal said...

Happy birthday! Class won't last all of it, although it will feel that way.

I've yet to beat insomnia. Bastard always wins.

Again, happy birthday! Sorry for my non-advice.

Sar said...

Happppy Birthday!!!

As for sleep advice? Smoke a bowl. Write in a notebook. Read something boring. Keep your eyes open and stare at the ceiling, while counting numbers, starting with one...

Idk. The hunger is definitely keeping me up tonight. Sucks. Hope we both get some sleep : )

Thanks for commenting! Take care, ST.


PeriAdot (G+P) said...

I listen to the ringing in my ears until it bores me to sleep. No shit!

Happy Birthday!! Lots of love and hugs to you on your day of becoming a slightly older Stick :p

Jessica said...

Valerian! It is quite the stinky herb but works for me. Herbal tea. Forward bends.

R Harlow B said...

Happy birthday and good luck with the job interview.

I take gravol when I can't sleep, it knocks me out.

Rand115 said...

I don't know any quick fix remedies, but I sleep like the dead after I do a hard workout.

Weasel Bee said...

if i have trouble sleeping i normally just smoke pot. hehe. orrr take some sleeping pills, tea helps also. or i just focus on breathing, and nothing else, and then i pass out in like 10 minutes. i hate insomnia, especially when it's not like, a motivated insomnia where you do all this productive stuff instead of sleep, but like... the lethargic insomnia sucks, where you kinda just do nothing other than be annoyed you aren't asleep.

happy birthday, darlin'. try to avoid that birthday cake =)


Matilda Bonnet said...

Read a really really REALLY boring book! :D That's what i do! Hehe.
It's your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D Oh... I'm matilda? ... I don't think you remember me ... :( I was away for just too long. I'm back and have a new blog, this time i'm planning on staying, for good hehe. Hope you're doing great! :D

Sottile said...

Happy birthday! Sorry I don't have any hints for chasing away the insomnia bug. I have heard that you shouldn't lay in bed tossing and turning, because your body associates bed with tossing and turning, and it thinks that is what it is supposed to do when you get into bed. If it happens, you should get up and read a book in the living room or something.

Good luck on your potential job!!