You're not alone

Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy. Forgive. Me.

I beg your forgiveness for my absence. I've been really busy. pshh lame excuse I know.

I move out, start school, and all that garb NEXT WEEK!

I'm so unprepared. Last thursday was the last time i had a legit workout:
Chest, tricep, back: 40 minutes
Running/incline walkin: 45 minutes

I've been trying to jump around with my intake, whether is all liquid, low cal, all veggies, or what not.

Stay strong! I'm going to go check on your blogs now. I love you all!
Date taken: 4/15


Kelly said...

you are quite lovely dear - hope next week goes as smoothly as possible

becky said...

you look great! jealous:)

Liz [ED] said...

You look fantastic! Keep up the good work :)

Sottile said...

Look at those little hips! You're looking great, keep it up!


Charr. said...

Wow, you look great! :)
Eep, you sounds busy > < Get kind of stressed just thinking about that hah. Good luck with these next couple of days ^^

skinnybusiness said...

I hate being busy. You look great BTW.

skinnybusiness said...

I hate being busy. You look great BTW.

Sarah. said...

Best bod on blogger.
Eeek, you do sound busy! Have fun, till i hear from you next :)

Anastasia Kirstyn said...

you look awesome!
also loving the sporty attire :)

Meggy said...

hooollly shit you got SKINNY! i think for as much as i remember..?? either way, you look fabulous! SOO GREAT! your stomach looks very very flat and admirable. now are you still trying to lose weight, or kind of tone/maintain? either way im sure youll look great!! :)


Analovely said...

I love your body its perfectly skinny and amazing..let me know ur stats and such id love to be able to talk with u so we can help each other...ur doing great
Stay strong starve on

R Harlow B said...

you look great!