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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The period, boys are so lucky

It started today. i hate it. oh how i hate periods. Its gross, it makes me feel gross. And don't forget: FAT. Bloaty sick nasty bitchy moody defensive cranky chubby ugly.

I found an interesting addicting sight:

I love those type of finds. Aside from my bitching about my period...we found an apartment! I will be moving in a couple weeks, hopefully repainting a lot of it before i actually move in. Its a pretty cool place, and after a little touching up we can make it a nice first apartment. Eek. I'm going to be a wife.

Today we bought our cruise tickets, and my parents let us use their "sky miles" to pay for the airfare. I am so glad for that! We are going to go on a 4 night cruise to the bahamas. I wanted to go to Oregon sooooo badly. But when I think about it...two virgins(i regret anything i ever did with my ex) what do you think we are going to be doing for most of our honeymoon? We have known each other for 4 years. I'm surprised we never had sex, but it will be an adventure. Marriage in general I mean.

I leave you with these tips from the site(link above, but edited slightly)

10 fasting tips
1. Tell the least number of people that you are fasting
2. Turn off the TV
3. Get alone and discover Yourself and Who You ARE
4. Feast on YOU
5. Meditate
6. Go for walks
7. Take a phone break(turn it off or leave it behind)
8. Be quiet and peaceful
9. Do not enter into needless temptation
10. Sleep


zette said...

gahh periods are awful. thanks for sharing the site. i love it already. hang in there, little miss.


Spacecadet18 said...

Stupid period... always creeps up at the wrong time. Apartment finding? Eeeeeek! So excellent! You'lll have to describe it. Much love. As always, the bloating will go away. Thanks for the fasting tips!

Emry said...

Yeah, periods suck. Congrats on the apartment!