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Friday, July 30, 2010

dress in the making

It has been a crazy few weeks for me. Its not an excuse, I owe you all so much more. I've been doing a lot of things wedding related; finding a reception venue, lunch with the inlaws/parents, bridal showers, apartment hunting. On top of it all I've started at the salon and working at my other job. I spend most of my free time with P so I can't really blog on here with him watching. I'm boring you, i know.

So now that the dress is on its way I've grown a little scared. As P lovely put it:

"Hopefully you don't gain 50 pounds before the wedding because that dress is fit for you"

He was just playing, but you know, he he. I'm an anoretic and we take those words a little more seriously than others.

Truthfully, I've put on two pounds. Two pounds too many for me. I went for a hard run today and did some pilates. Starting sunday P and I are going to be eating Extra healthy food before the wedding. I want to have pretty skin, i hate my skin all the time. If I had better control I would have better skin.

I've started to become a little obsessive with my skin care regime. Wash the face with the neutrogena wave sonic, roller stick to try and smooth and lift some rinkles, night cream. Brush teeth, lotion all my skin, scar cream on my ugly scars. Then in the morning I wash my face with cold water and cleanser, and then lotion on my face and all over my skin again. Ha ha. Okay talk about obsession.

So. I am sorry i'm such a lazy person.


The Crazy Rose said...

Your dress is beautiful, and the person inside it is even more beautiful! From the picture it looks like you have wonderful skin! I totally obsess about my skin too, because, unfortunately I have really bad genes in the acne department damn it all! Good luck with work and wedding preparation and all! I'm so excited for you!


Lund3on said...

That is awesome. I bet my face would be so much clearer if I had that kind of control.. and I totally know what you mean when you say those words aren't funny to us like they are to others.. Inside you kinda wanna slap them and say.. IT'S NOT FUNNY! lol jk your dress looks like it's coming along.. if you stick to you routine.. you should be good! I'm sure it'll be a perfect day! Good luck!

Emily said...

You always have such a cute look on your face in your pictures! I'm excited for you and your wedding, when is your date? Make sure you post wedding pics to drool over!!


Spacecadet18 said...

So glad to hear from you!! The dress is totally coming together. I can't wait to see the finished product. Those two pounds are easily vanquish-able, right? You've done it before, you can totally do it again. Wedding prep! So exciting! I wish I had that kind of dicipline in my skin care. I have horrible acne, too, and I always neglect it. You're going to be so lovely, like you always are. Hugs!