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Monday, August 30, 2010

the dress is on its way

2 and a half weeks! Believe it or not. Eish

The announcement:
The dress: It still needs a few thinks tweeked. Like..i dunno..the love handles!! Created by the hips sewn in too tight so all the fabric bunches around my hips. Ugh. I'm a little nervous. Other than that my sister has done a fantastic job. Its very beautiful with the lace on top! I will get some good photos of it up once its finished.
I've been working hard. 6 days in the salon last week, just trying to get money! I am so ready for the wedding to be done. Even though I'm not really ready as far as planning goes. Sigh.

soon. very soon.



lov2laff said...

It's just all so cute! you. the announcement.the dress. LOVE it!!
Stay strong hun! you're looking skinny and gorgeous!

Fed Up said...

You guys really pulled this together quick! This is such an exciting time. It only happens once. Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matilda Bonnet said...

Aww, you look so pretty! & i loove the dress!! :D Your wedding is gonna be awesome! :)
Lots of love

Sottile said...

So pretty!!! xoxo

Emily said...

Amazing! The picture is great and you look soooo skinny! I'm excited for you!

Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

wow so much has happened since I last logged on. You look so beautiful in the dress and I am super excited for you both.

Much Love

lauren said...

congrats!! your dress is beautiful .. simple, elegant, & different in a way.
marriage is bomb. period.

Sar said...

I love the picture of you two on the invitation! How cute :) Good luck with it all! Smile, enjoy, and have fun!

You're beautiful in your dress, btw.