You're not alone

Saturday, August 28, 2010


yes I am a failure at updating my blog. Its been busy with the wedding plans.

3 weeks left!

I feel stressed. I can't wait for it to be all over

last time I weighed I was 117. i'm hoping to maintain around there. I hope everyone is doing well and not sucking at life/blogging like me.



Mich said...

The wedding is more important than the blog, so don't feel bad! I hope you're having fun with all the planning. Do you have the dress picked out yet? There's so many wedding coming up over the next few weeks! I'd love to get married, but only for the wedding. The husband I could do without...

Matilda Bonnet said...

Don't worry,as mich says the wedding is way more important!! You must be incredibly stressed but stoked! :D Good luck, my best wisher for you!! :D

Spacecadet18 said...

Yay! You're alive! And I so can't wait for you... This will totally be the most important chapter in your life. Love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to so congratulations on the wedding (to be) and everything :) I have been following you since about 2 years? 1 year ago and yes, I have to admit I'm to scared to ever post or write anything but oh well, 1 comment every 2 years. At this rate you'll probably have a kid before I comment the next time, kidding :) The shoes are cute! Oh and btw, I always use estee and it works miracles :)