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Thursday, August 12, 2010

another one bites the dust

I'm down 3 more pounds since my last post. 7.2 pounds total(ish)

Here is what is confusing me. I went to the doctor and the electronic scale weighed me in at a horrendous weight. I was horrified. I weighed myself earlier that day and I was 4 lbs lighter. Water retention? I can't remember if I ate right before I had the visit. Either way it freaked me out.

So I've been restricting the past week in result. Working out? A little. Working hard? EVERYDAY! I can't believe its Thursday!! Here is my week:

Mon: Went back and forth between the office and the salon.
Lots of driving on my scooter
(I know this sounds pigheaded of myself,
but anyone in the tipping industry might understand.
I HATE when people don't tip. especially since this salon is so low priced
AND we know what we're doing!!)
Although, in this case, I can't complain because my friend earlier that day,
and P's band member gave me really good tips,
I almost made 100% on the hair cuts
(minus one jerk who didn't tip, glad i took you on my day off)

Dropped of my prescription order
Got my nails done. I filed them down quite a bit more though
Picked up my prescription (Hallelujah!!! I'm not dependent on the Adderall, but it was getting harder and harder each day to deal with stuff)

Ran to the gym, worked out 30 minutes, ran home
1 hour total, at least 400 cals burned

P picked me up on his way home to try and sell some of his old recording equipment.
We picked up Pizza on our way to meet with his band.
We ate pizza(yes I am admitting i ate it, shame on me)
We went to the recording studio to pick up the rough mix of their EP album
I was totally tired and depressed feeling.
I was in the room with one of his guitarist's girlfriend.
she never smiles and is very bad at socializing
oh and she is super skinny and pretty
and i'm thinking
why the hell did i eat the pizza
total intake for the day: I guessed 1500

Tues: woke up depressed. took a bubble bath with incense and music
considered cutting but knew i didn't want that
i took my adderall and debated going to the office
decided to go out with my roommate to get color for her hair
i wanted to do a photoshoot of her
we went to an antique shop, i found a really pretty yellow slip
i sent P a text "can i get this vintage lingerie for $13?"
he called me instantly
"hell yeah you can get it"
ha ha
Whilst coloring her hair in the salon..i ended up staining the new nails
oops. i'm a failure at being girly :)
That night P said to me
"Mindy I want you do be done with that job by the end of the month"

Intake: 1,130 ish

Wed: Gave in my two weeks notice at the office
went to P's work to train to be a temporary secretary for a week
it will be fun, i can write addresses
went to the salon and gave two hair cuts
grown men do NOT know how to sit up straight
had fun with my boss
signed the contract for our new apartment

Intake: 600

Current mood: Tired :) I love you all.


lullabyhaze said...

is that you in the picture?!! If it is, YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS AND SUPER SUPER SKINNY.

Spacecadet18 said...

Ugh... I'm so happy for you, though. That's amazing. I'm just miffed that everybody's losing, and I'm still gaining. Love you much!

thinxXxspo said...

oh. my. holy fuck! if that is you, you are a beautiful godess!! thats it! fuck ice cream fuck pizza fuck everything! i want to FUCK recovery!!...*sigh* i wish, but alas, i cant :P im so happy for you that you lost though! =) yay! keep it up hun! xxoo wonder whats up with the different weigh-ins though.

Mina Belle said...


Lola Rose said...

You look so good! x

Lorna said... are amazing!! xx

Sottile said...

Wow, you have been a busy little bee! Stay strong, sweetie xoxo

Mich said...

You're so cute and tiny! I'm jealous!!!