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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weight a minute

Down 2lbs with this mornings weigh in!! Yahoooooooooo

We went to our soon to be first apartment. I am moving in this weekend, and I hope to do a ton of painting before we move furniture in. It will be hard living there by myself, but it won't be too much longer before he joins me.

Thanks for your support btw. I'm considering going into treatment in November, that way I can maybe bypass thanksgiving. I dunno. I feel bad missing our first thanksgiving. but i told him how much I hate being around so much food, he understood.

well. not much to say. I need to sleep, going to busy with both job tomorrow and I want to run 4-5 miles.



Sar said...

It sounds like things are going good :)

Good night, beautiful.

thinxXxspo said...

awww your first apartment! oh i cant wait till we get ours! =) it will be SO much better! im happy for you, sounds like you had a lovely day <3

Sottile said...

Your first apartment!!! That is SO exciting :) And it will be even better when Perry is able to move in with you. Good luck on the painting, it can a be a major bitch! What paint colors have you picked out? xoxo

Katerina said...

congrats on your 2 pounds.... keep it up little on
<3 Katerina

ZOIE said...

good decision about recovery darling!
im far from judging u! :) xoxo have fun with the apartment