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Monday, August 2, 2010

Beautiful Skin?

Today was eventful. We met with a caterer, not a fan of the style she wanted to use for decorating. This means I'll just do it myself! Ha. But at least we got the food picked. I got my new diamond(its so sparkly. the one he got me wasn't as good as the first one we saw. last week i went to get my ring rotated and asked them if they could find a better diamond. i'm spoiled)

I look forward to the ring though! I told them to do the most petite prongs as possible so my diamond looks like its floating even more.

Confession: I wish I was rich. I went shopping with my Mom today. We got estee lauder facial cleaners and what nots, I want my skin to be lovely as can be for the wedding. I could never have afforded the entire system, its expensive stuff. But my Mom was nice enough to buy it for me.

She also bought me my wedding shoes :) They are really pretty. I'll have to post a picture. I wish I had money. I want to be one of those beautiful nice girls and have nice things. i'm sick of looking like a punk, I want to look like a woman. But I stare at my wardrobe, full of t-shirts, lots of t-shirts. I'm not going to be single anymore and be able to binge shop whenever i want. I'm doomed. I want to look sexy and I want my husband to be checking me out everyday.

I went tanning tonight. I failed to get to the gym, and my excuse is the damn Migrain I've been experiencing all daaayyyy. ARGGGHH. I'm going to sleep. Fat and worthless until the morning! YAY

p.s. has anyone tried the cabbage soup diet? I'm considering doing a cleanse in a few weeks.


Spacecadet18 said...

Yum! Catering. I can't wait to see your shoes! I'm a bit of a shoe whore... And Estee Lauder is Hella expensive. I'm so glad you got it, though, because it's kick ass. I understand the whole tired of looking like a punk thing. I'm way younger than you, but I still kind of wish I had the clothes to look like a normal high school girl. All the band t-shirts overwhelm my closet. Tons of love, lots of hugs! You're amazing.

Miss Burton said...

Hey honey!!!
god i miss you.
i'm at the library now, 15 minutes online for only 1 €. haaah!!!! it will be bloody expensive to catch up on you. really. wanna send me an email so i can read all the important things within 15 minutes? haha.
how are you? what have you been up to? gooood i really really really miss you!!!! my flatmate (who has no job, no education and most certainly no spare cash!) wants to sign a contract tomorrow so she can go online. hopefully I'll be able to steal her a couple minutes or hours some time so i can come back.
uuuh. miss you. i can't stop saying it. I really do miss you.
lots of love!!!!

Fed Up said...

I wish I were rich too!! One can only dream......

Sarah. said...

you're going to be the most amazingly beautiful bride..
omg estee lauder is SO expensive, you lucky girl, its going to work wonders though.
and i personally LOVE the cabbage soup diet, it works!

Fade Shape said...

Yeah I'm doing good, I've maintained for two months now and I'm ready to lose more, so I'm hoping I can stay strong and on target :)
Congrats about your engagement! I'm excited for you both =D

GTMS- Becca said...


I know exactly where you're coming from. When I was single, all my extra money was for CLOTHES and I had such a cutesy, bright colored, bows everywhere sense of style. Now I want to be classy and sophisticated, and look rich and put together, but now I have no money. So I still look like a little girl and I'm getting old at twenty. siiigh.

Ana's Girl said...

Don't worry, hunny. I know you'll be gorgeous for the wedding and for all the years after it. You're already beautiful--AND I MEAN IT! Lol. Lots of love!

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