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Thursday, June 10, 2010

perfect little blondes

You try to look away, but its as if she is Medusa, and your gaze is locked. Her stick thin legs are elegant as she walks with model-like strides. You compare yourself, you are worthless. You wonder if she has caught you gaping at her perfect legs. Your thighs are thicker, your calves aren't skinny, and don't you dare blame it on the high top converse for making them look "chunky"

You envy her. You hate her. You wish you knew why she was so perfect, and secretly hope she falls in the heels she can barely walk in.

I weighed in this morning: 120.2. I feel a little put out with my intake. I could have done better, I didn't stick to liquids like I planned. And as far as working out: 35 minutes of eliptical. Shame on me. I am sore from yesterdays work out though. it feels good

Good news: I bought three new books, "Slim to None" "The best little girl in the world" and "Biting anorexia".

Now i must sleep. I have to do a mock trial of writing a "breaking news story". I have to listen to some tape and then write up a story within an hour and a half or something. Its something I have to do to apply for the Communications program, but if I don't do well...I can just take it again.


R Harlow B said...

This was an amazing post.
I loved it so much.

My friends all look like that girl in the picture. My sister who has had kids has a body like that naturally.
The thing that sucks is that (my friends) all have the thinnest, smallest legs complete with thigh gap and always comment about how "muscular" (a polite word for fat) my legs are or point out how I have the biggest legs in the group. So I constantly worry that everyone I meets is staring at my massive thighs :(

It f'ing sucks, I am an hour glass surrounded by rulers... And it makes me feel so much fatter than I actually am.

Excellent post. You have such a knack for writing.

Ana's Girl said...

I've seen girls just like the one you talk about so many times, and i feel the same things you do. I just wish i could be that girl that is hated... who in their right mind wants to be hated though?
Good luck on your breaking news story. I'm almost positive you'll do splendidly because i can see that you're wonderful at writing on here.

LadyB said...

You are really talented. It's not the legs that get me. It's the abs flat perfect abs. I read somewhere that this is the sign of a perfect body.