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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Awe. You Guys. I'm a little loopy

Reporting in from Paris, DeGaulle France. Airport. Gotcha!!! He he and you thought I was just chillin in the city of love.

First off. You are all so wonderful. After 15 hours of traveling, and 8 more to go, I definitely needed a pick me up. Thank you for the compliments about my body. I don't believe you(but I'll try of course. and sometimes I even like my body). I'm hoping that stupid boy will grow some balls and propose when I get back from Congo. I called him during a layover and he said "you are going to miss our 4 year anniversary". On June 28(ish, we always fight about the exact date) we kissed for the very first time(2006). Scheisse!!! That is an effing long time.

I feel so ugh. Not human. I'm sitting here around beautiful people who have had some good sleep, and I'm wanting to hide. Do you want to know something sad? Americans are so unhealthy and overweight. When I travel outside of the U.S. everyone looks much healthier. Way to go America! Eat processed food all day long, forget about fresh fruits and veggies when offered. Only eat saturated fats, soda and sugar. We are winners.

And guess what else is screwed up. I'm about to go to a country where people are starving everyday. They make 30-40 dollars a Month, and work 12+ hours a day. Then there is me, who is picky or starves herself on occasion. Come on now Mindy, what is wrong with you???

Airplane food = unreal? Its weird. Last year when I went to Congo I was on the beginning stage of a horrible b/p world of hell. Glad I'm over that. Anyway. I can't believe I ate that stuff. Today I mostly drank ginger ale and water. I received a vegetarian pasta and sad excuse for a salad. I'm lactose intolerant, and I'm taking Malaria pills. Needless to say I didn't consume much. I was scared to go on this trip with my parents, especially my Mom.

I texted my psych saturday morning with these concerns and she told me I had to make the decision blah blah. Damn. I was hoping someone could just tell me what was best. My Mom called while I was engaged in the pros/cons and I told her I did want to go, but I didn't want her to pressure me.

"Have you been feeling that way?" she asked
Subliminally, because you're my Mom, Yes. "Not really. By that I mean if I don't want to eat then don't bug me about it. I have to choose to eat guilt free"

P expects me to come home thinner, and I don't blame him. There isn't a ton of selection, but honestly I love what there is to eat. Rice. Kasava(the leaves are soooo good. Its like spinach. Kasava, however, is the main staple food and is more like a starchy potato. I don't think I've really had the pleasure to eat the actually thing, but I'm sure I will this time because we are going to be camping out in 'the bush'). They also make this sweet waffle bread thing, honestly I'm not the biggest fan. I like simple foods, and not too sweet. Ugh. I took another Malaria pill and its starting to upset my stomach.

Okay my skinnies. Or lovlies. I'll post when I can. Have a lovely day!


Liz said...

Oh my gosh, have a ton of fun! Don't worry about food too much while you're there (or try not too), just enjoy whatever you are doing :)

Spacecadet18 said...

Best of luck!!! Do what you need to to stay happy, and hopefully that'll fringe over into "do whatever you need to to stay healthy." We love you, and I wish you a safe and fulfilling trip.

Matilda Bonnet said...

Awesome! :) Wish you the best at congo! Try to keep strong, but as you said there really isn't much selection... so i guess that won't be any trouble. :)

You are a gorgeous girl. Really, you look beautiful! :)

& yeah, Americans do eat way too much junk food! :S

Ana's Girl said...

I know exactly what you're saying about America making awful choices when it comes to food. Just the other day i was having a discussion with someone and they said, "well look around; you look skinny compared to everyone here" my reply was "yeah, that's cuz we're in an obese country." Ridiculous, right?
Anyway, have a wonderful time, hun.

R Harlow B said...

have a safe and fun trip :)