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Monday, February 1, 2010

Finacial woes

to answer Rand115
P was gone when I lost my weight
so its weird for him to see me thin
but he can't prove how i lost it
he just wants me to be strong and healthy
for babies
and i want those eventually
so i am trying to do the best i can

That's right. I hate money.
I would like it if someone who needed the money stole 500 dollars from me
Instead some rich lawyer who is make almost 200% profit
off a bill I never knew about
is ruining my hope for humanity


I am not stressed. Just disappointed. I was really looking forward to my tax return, getting on top of my finances and everything

well this changes things. I really want to try and work a ton of hours though. in order to make the money

that way the state/gov't/rich people don't win.
it will suck. i will hate working that many hours. but I am determined.

I feel like I ate way too much. No. I KNOW I ate too much today. I am going to do a liquid fast tomorrow. 300 cals. I can't wait to tell you i've completed it :)


*Princess*Smile* said...

it's crap that you don't get your tax return (i'm guessing thats like a tax rebate over in england?) i guess a common factor is that all governments suck balls :) but at least we don't have to put up with ' blair and bush' any more!

I hope u get accepted into your 1st choice uni :)

Keep positive, stay strong and you will achieve beautiful things.

Much Love :)

SBB said...

I hate money and love too! I need both too =( Shall we boycott and go live in the jungle? Imagine how skinny and tanned we would get =) Don't imagine how your hair would look once it's grown out... or how unkept we both would look =/ lol

Money sucks. Sometimes working loads of hours makes a tiny difference (well for me anyway) because of taxes.


Ana's Girl said...

Money sucks... Why does the world have to revolve around little green pieces of paper? It's insanity.
I hate working lots of hours too, especially when i'm massively restricting, but the paycheck at the end of the week is definitely wonderful when i manage to put in all those hours. Just keep your goal in sight, and you'll do great.

Anonymous said...

Money makes the world go round so yes it SUCKS unless you have it. There never seems to be enough. All you can do is keep working and hoping for better. Good luck.


*sigh* money.. can't live without it...& can't live ..without it :(
haha ^ that was pretty pathetic, but yeah
money sucks !!!
i also hope you get accepted to your 1st choice of uni. :)
love you! x