You're not alone

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Did you take adderol today?

P has notice the past two days that I've been rather..hyper. And the past 3 days he has asked if i have or haven't taken my pill "I can tell". One reason is that I'm really happy. The other is that I'm broke like a bloke and I've been rationing my Adderol.

I'm about to go pick up my prescription refill though!! I asked my mom to help me out. so sorry for the spaciness.

Yesterdays intake was alright.
banana - 8:00 am
apple - 3:00 pm
a few bites of pasta
strawberry shortcake(no whip cream and its the real shortcake, not the transfatty gross kind)

I ran two miles, walked another half mile. Today I didn't fast like I wanted, but I've been with P pretty much all day, so hopefully tomorrow I can fast.

I hope everyone is staying strong! I love you all so much. Please tell me if I need to start following your blog. I'm probably moving to an apartment, I'll have internet all the time!! So I'll be more consistent AND I'll be able to comment and stuff. I feel horrible.

Alright I have to stop writing and get some stuff done.

Stay strong!!!

What thinspo should I post next?


Sottile said...

Yay, internet all the time! I sometimes wonder what I used to do before wireless internet, and before that high-speed DSL, and before that dial-up! What did I do when I had no internet? I remember going to my town's library to look in real live encyclopedias for school reports and such. (Admittedly, my family didn't have a computer for a good while after a lot of people did. We live out in the boonies, and couldn't get internet out there until I was in 11th grade! EEk!)

Your intake yesterday looks lovely my dear :)

How about some thinspo around the color green? It's my favorite!

Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

Hey hey.
You sound like you all good. Is it not taking the pills that is making you happy or just life in general?

Would love some bum thinspo (not in the pervy way) lol.

Much love darling

foreignobject said...

You should do HORROR THINSPO! Bloody, gorey, entraily thinspo for the horror-fans in the pro ana community. Ooh, or militaristic. I love me a woman in a tight uniform :D

Good luck with the apartment - and with P. You look really happy together.

Anonymous said...

its "adderall"

Emily said...

Hey, send some of that Adderall my way! (JK, I should be getting some of my very own soon). Glad to hear you and P are happy. Looking forward to you getting internet all the time. I love reading your blog!

I am on board with the green thinspo. Its my fave color too!



battleinmind said...

Wow internet all the time woop woop!

Loving your blog by the way!

And ballet thinspo is always good.

Love Battle xxxx

GTMS- Becca said...

love your blog! Your intake yesterday was really low! I love strawberry shortcake- I make it with angel food cake so even a big pieces ends up being 250 calores!

Weasel Bee said...

darling! this blog is so cheery today :). and yesterday's intake is quite decent, we should fast together sometime :)

Ana's Girl said...

Adderol depraved or not, i'm loving the energetic happiness here! :) P is my hero for making you so happy.
I'm with foreign object about thinsp themes. Horror sounds absolutely wonderful!

Skinnygirl said...

I want to adderral!! scary thinspoo
Folllow me..i just started bloggin!