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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Army, Green, and pretty things

Upon your requests:

Thanks for your support everyone!! I'm reading and commenting on your blogs. I'm still having crappy internet, but I'm doing well. I am soooo sore from working out and snowboarding. Ha ha yesterday was a blast, totally didn't land a jump and hurt my tail bone. But P hurt his harder, and he's been bitching (its cute though) since.

i want to fast. I need to run or do cardio a ton this week. I can't wait to get toned


Miss Burton said...

glad to hear that you're at least "friends" with him or at least part of his life.
okay so now i have to get used to p, right? Haha. weird. well, you know how i thought j was perfect.
hopefully p is right for you, too.

ah noooo. im NOT doing good with my weight. not since friday. binged and gained like 6 lbs but fast starts today, again.
join me :D

Anonymous said...
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Emily said...

Woohoo! Green! My fave! thanks. you always have the best thinspo :)

Glad to hear you and P are doing so well. Its good to know you're happy <3



Sottile said...

Love love love the green thinspo! Glad you had fun snowboarding :)