You're not alone

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random Mid Week Thinspo

Today I realized how lost I am with my ed
I mean to say, where did it start?
how does it affect me now?

And you can only understand how I feel if you also suffer
I'd hope no one would 'want' this life
If it takes you an hour to eat a piece of bread with honey
or two hours to eat a salad
or if you already know two days in advanced you 'won't want dinner'
then i know how that feels

If anyone is reading my blog for the first time
or is 'trying' to be Ana/Mia or whatever
Love yourself more than that


Sarah. said...

Im so proud of you for not endorsing this lifestyle, it makes me sick when people try to glamourize it.. We know its painful, and usually more down moments then the up ones. That was some very much needed thinspo!! Ah you read my mind. haha.
p.s ill try and post some photos of my dresses tonight before i go out tomorrow :)

Sottile said...

I know exactly you feel. The "knowing two days in advance that you won't want to eat dinner" - yep, that is me in a nutshell.
Stay strong! xo

Ana's Girl said...

I agree, but at the same time, i started out wanting to be Ana. It looks so good when you're on the outside looking in, but once it's taken you over, it's less lovely.

Anonymous said...

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Ashley Rose said...

You were married the day before my daughter was born, she and my husband are the reasons I keep going with this new lifestyle. I stopped doing everything to harm myself the minute I found out I was pregnant and she is now 5 months old and I am still going strong! I'm proud of you!

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