You're not alone

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Status: Married

No i'm not married

but you know when you fill out paperwork and they ask you what your status is? Single?

The past few days we've been talking about getting married. This morning he said "I'd work so hard to be a good husband to you".

All in due time. I'll let you know if/when it happens :)

Yesterday I had the worst sickness. It was like i'd taken laxatives (overdose). Anything I ate or drank worked its way out of me SUPER fast. It was gross. And I can't think of what I ate that made me that sick. I'm mostly better now

thinking of you all! loves


battleinmind said...

ooh sounds like an exciting time with your boyfriend!! xxx

GTMS- Becca said...

thats so sweeet. my husband and I eloped after two weeks! here we are a year later, perfectly content, and for the exact reason your boyfriend said- we work hard at being a good spouse! :)

as gross as it is when I cant keep anything in my body because it comes out so fast, I always relish in it a little. better out than in!

Rand115 said...

Whoa! Thats so exciting!

foreignobject said...

You too look so darling together. Who started talking about tying the knot? I talk about marriage and children with my boyfriend a lot. Not necessarily because he's going to be my baby daddy, but it's a nice to know how he would handle it if it should happen.

And you KNOW you gotta show the ring, if he actually asks you for real :D

Sottile said...

Marriage! Wow! That is a big step, but exciting that the bf is thinking about it :) You guys look really happy together, and from everything you write about him, he sounds so perfect for you. Happy!

PeriAdot (G+P) said...

*Sends happy thoughts and crosses fingers* ^.^

Anonymous said...

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Ana's Girl said...

Aww. That's so cute! My boyfriend an i have been talking about getting a place together, but MARRIAGE! wow. Lol. I'm kinda jealous, but in a very happy way.

KEMPER said...

I feel kinda the same about my boy... Every once in a while we'll say something like, "Oh my god, this boat ride is so fun!! When you become a rock star and I become a rich business man's translator, we'll make bank! Let's buy one in a few years!!"

Silly stuff like that. But you know... this IS the longest relationship I've been in and he IS the greatest boy I've ever met...

So glad you're feeling the same way... It's an amazing feeling!! :D

LoveMeDead said...

yay im so happy for you! i really hope everything works out for you sweetie!!!

*Princess*Smile* said...

marriage?! damn thats a commitment, I can't even gaurenttee to somebody that I wont find something better to do when I promise to meet up with them.

Long as you are happy. :)