You're not alone

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weight back down

P is trying to get me to eat
I ate about 1 out of 2 of those hard granola bars
He threatened to take away my computer
Becaue I am a child

I ate tod
ay, earlier
sugar(the top of a doughnut)
Veggie Sandwhich

I've been up since 8:00
did hair until 6:00
went to the library to do some studying with Perry
until now
i don't want to eat

In other news: I went to a masquerade ball last night :) I invited him(i'm his sugar ma ma), but he surprised me with a rose and original invite :)

sigh (a good one)

What Can I say? I'm not very lady like at times. Do you like his shirt/tie? We found the shirt a few days ago. I went back to purchase it and a tie.

"Cinderella in her party dress" - the killers
I also found matching shoe laces for my converse

I don't know what that is popping out of my arm

I have never been to a dance where I've danced fast and slow with a boy. Wow my life was pathetic

I had a blast though :) I really love P. I really love life. I love you all. Happy thoughts



Ana's Girl said...

You're so happy! Do you know how happy that makes me? Only like estatic! Lol. You and P are freakin adorable! And i love how you're wearing converse with a dress; that's totally something i'd do when all the other girls are wearing heels. :) Stay strong and happy, darling.

Sottile said...

Your pictures are so adorable!!!

Rand115 said...

You guys are so cute! Sorry I'm just a bit confused. Does P know that you were activley losing weight or does he think you are just too thin in general?


this post really brought my mood up. its really nice to read a happy blog. and omg, i'm just like you...not lady like at all.
yyou are soo pretty! i love your hair!
:) xx

Phantasmagorical Delusion said...

You look so gorgeous and happy!! :D

You two truly do make a very cute couple. So nice to happen across a happy post. <3

Stay lovely, be well.

LittleMisLover said...

aw you guys look so happy together! i love the piggyback pics haha

hezza said...

you look so beautiful!
i love your converse (: i'd never be able to pull something off like that, its so cute.
P looks pretty skinny, too! he could be a good inspiration, haha.
oh & your arm = :DD
yayyyyy for things protruding from our bodies((: