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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Being Spontaneous

Sometimes when I get stressed and I need to release
I change my hair

I decided to do this at 1:30 AM
While my hair was processing I took some pics of my shoulder/collarbones
I am full of freckles
Its nice to have a change. My hair has been blonde since September.
What do you all think?

I am going to start working out this week
now that i'm done coaching
i have two months to work, work out, and get thinner
then school starts :)
p.s. Check out Little Miss Lover's blog. We've been texting buddies for over a year and she just started a blog


Serpentine Vampire said...

Lovely bones. You look just like one of my friends when you have the brown hair which looks wonderful by the way.

SBB said...

SKINNNNY FACEEEE!! May I borrow it? =P I love your freckles, they're so cute!!
I love the change, and your hair cut. You my dear should be sleeping at 130 =P

battleinmind said...

Wow, great new hair! It suits you! Also am feeling tres jealous of those shoulders!!

Ana's Girl said...

You look adorable with your brown hair and freckles. :) And those collarbones! Omg! They're lovely!

Stephanie said...

ahhh I loooove it! And your bones are absolutely gorgeous! Giiirl, I'm jealous of you haha


Sottile said...

I love the hair!!

LittleMisLover said...

I love it! You are so tiny! And thanks for the mention haha <3

KEMPER said...

Love it. :) I do that too, especially after breakups lol...