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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My baby

Skinny_In_A_Fatty I can't post comments on your blog!!! I've been trying to non stop. I don't know if its your template or what. Stay strong, your pictures are looking amazing. email me if you need,

Sleeping on my lap. I love him. I miss him.
He's been practicing with his band the past few nights to gear up for their important show in two days.
I wish i could sleep
but i have to go do hair
make money
footsack i hate life sometimes

I had an interview for a job at a dr. office, I thought I had a good chance. Just checked my email

"we are sorry to inform you, after a great deal of consideration, we've decided to go with another qualified applicant"

I'm sorry that i don't have blonde hair, too much make up, and a fake tan. i'm sorry that i'm genuine, don't flaunt my body around.

My plans to quit my job: back to square one.

I am glad I have one though.

does anyone have anxiety attacks? i've only really had one major one. today i had one, more serious than normal. usually i just get really antsy and have to breath deeply a few times.
but today
i was basically crying(without the tears)

And I have decided: I will be 110 pounds. I'm not sure on my plan yet, but I will stay positive!! I will take my time. And I'll start better restricting.

For some reason I've found it really hard to eat today
intake: 3/4 banana
soy iced mocha
two bites of bread

no appetite :)


M.A.B. said...

That sucks about your job, but if they didn't want you because you're not slutty/ordinary then they don't deserve you.
I get small anxiety attacks from time to time as well, hyperventilate etc they're not fun.
You and P seem perfect :)

Anonymous said...

That really sucks about your job they dnt know what they will be missing! I have missed you so much! i'm back though you can count on my post regularly! lol

I am so excited for you and perry! You will make such a beautiful bride! and yea here lately i have been going though them a little but i don't know why. I miss you and please text me sometime i have something i really need to tell you about, that i cnt say here. lol
Your amazing and i have missed you so much!
stAy stroNg! thiN(k) thiN!
xoxo Lyndee

Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

Oh sweetie don't worry about me!

You poot thing! Do you get them often. I don't get anxiet attacks so the only think I can compare them to is a really bad trip I had on Mandy when I couldn't breath and felt totally out of control!

P looks so cute there! *cuddle*

Much happy love


you can tottaly get to 110, i beilive in you babes! goodluck, just do as you said and stay positive. loveyou xxxx

Anonymous said...

if at first you don't succeed...

I've had anxiety attacks. TERRIFYING stuff.

Anonymous said...

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