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Monday, January 25, 2010

Guten Tag

b: Soy Mocha (200 isher calories)
l: Veggie soup 220
I had a good day yesterday, and the night before.
Saturday night I got home from the weekend of coaching.
I was tired, but excited to hang out with P.
He informs me of a FREE show
guess who was playing
30 seconds to mars(a favorite of mine)
Okay if it wasn't outside, if I wasn't recovering from being sick
i would have been 100 percent there
but I'd seen these guys in 06
Well the understanding person in me says
"P I really don't think I should go, but I won't stop you"
Guess what happened.
I was surprised, and happy, and impressed.
Things are slowly getting back to what they used to be two years ago.
I can make him laugh :) things aren' always so serious
We are physically attracted to each other
holy crap
yesterday and the day previous he was a very horny dude
but its not always heated passion
the other night he was hugging me and out of no where he says
"Mindy, you're beautiful"
I started crying. Seriously. Why?
Because I believe him. Because before he left i believed him
and I haven't felt beautiful since he left
I do need to try and tell myself I am beautiful
he is the only boy that doesn't make me feel insecure
as much as I care/cared about J, i was ALWAYS insecure
Try and be positive everyone!! It makes the biggest difference.
I wish the best in all your current efforts. I'll comment on your blogs when I can
I already read them :) this computer is crap and won't let me comment


athANAsy said...

oh wow thats really sweet. i am happy for you :)

Ana's Girl said...

Aww. I'm really liking P. :) He seems to be good for you.

Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

That's so lovely. Hold on to that feling, even if you can't hold on to P. But hold on extra tight to P just in cases.
Much love

Mina Belle said...

Awww P seems like such a sweetie. If I were him, I'd of gone to 30 seconds to mars without you just 'cuz that's they type of person i am. lol. He's a keeper :D

Fallen-Angel said...

Aww that's so sweet.
Argh. 30STM. I can't go see them live, ever. I love Jared too much if I saw him I'd die :P
I hope this situation sorts itself out for you in the easiest way possible :)