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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


above: P's band. Left Colby(guitar), Kyle(bass), P(drums) Braden(guitar)

above: I took this picture today. I dunno. I need to do more cardio

Monday was alright. I went to the gym for almost two hours, burned 600-700 cals doing cardio, and then did some ab work.

I meant to go to the gym yesterday but I went to the coffee shop to use internet. Then I met this really interesting girl, and we talked for two or so hours. My intake was...I don't want to talk about it. I ate breakfast, and then went over to P's to cuddle/nap. When we woke up we were running around trying to figure out how to purchase tickets for a masquerade!! Yup I'm going on friday :). Then he offered to go to this tattoo removal place with me.

I have decided to remove my tat. Why? At one point in my life my tattoo served its purpose, it was a symbol of strength or control. But now when I look at it it holds painful and negative memories. so I began the process yesterday. And P was really amazing to be there for me. It took less than 5 minutes, but it was painful, and still is. I take the bandage off later today. It will start to blister and scab. Yum.

We got lunch afterward. I got a veggie vegan wrap and fruit. I ate half the sandwhich, 180 cals. Fruit? 50 cals? Then P convinced me to take a couple bites of ice cream(i am soooo lactose intollerant).

Mocha while P jammed with his band

Then I went to P's apartment to watch our fav t.v. show, the Office. DON"T DISCLOSE ANYTHING TO ME!! I didn't watch it for two years. We are finally to season 4, and almost to new material. Anyway. He didn't force me to eat, but he highly encouraged it. 1 piece of bread, peanut butter, and honey. I ate half of it and tried to get away with that, but he wouldn't really settle. I took an hour to eat the whole thing.

Last time I weighed I had put on 3 pounds.
I was feeling uber fat before I weighed myself last night
the results
- 2 pounds :)

huge relief. I'm trying to compromise with P and eat more, but not to the expense of me gaining a ton. And I haven't. I will continue to workout and keep my intake limited.

Stay strong!


foreignobject said...

You have a peace symbol tattooed on your wrist, right? If it reminds you of a bad place in your life, then you should def. get it removed. I've been tattooed four times and I couldn't imagine having any of my ink removed ever. But then again for me tattooing is all about making me into the person I want to be, making my body beautiful and becoming the ultimate version of myself. Why did you get your tattoo in the first place?

Rand115 said...

I am completely stunned. Your body is amazing! Your thighs are my dream (not a lesbian)! However, You're at the point or nearing the point when you should start maintainig. There's a fine line between being thin and being a scary looking anorexic that is about to shatter.

Rand115 said...
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Fed Up said...

You look AMAZING!! Seriously. I thought it was some sort of thinspo pic you'd posted until I read that it was you. Good job with doing the cardio and watching intake. I CANNOT work out. I am too lazy and tired and it annoys me to no end that I have stopped.

hezza said...

you are my absolute favorite blogger to follow.
i remember when i first started reading i couldnt remember the name of your blog so i had to go through EVERY blog i follow to find you. youre such an inspiration to me, say thin<33

Emily said...

Give me your address. I'm going to send you my stomach and thighs and hips and I want you to whittle them down to what you have there. Thats fantastic! I'd kill to have a flat stomach! I have a nasty pooch of fat below my belly button. So gross.

I agree, I thought you posted a thinspo pic, I didn't realize that was you! So jealous!!



Ana's Girl said...

Wow, sweetie, you look fantastic!

pagesofsweetpeas. said...

oh wow, i had thought that was thinspo too.