You're not alone

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i've missed you so much

I have had limited access to the computer everyone.

I need to revamp things again. I am stressed as hell. Boys. Emotions.

I've been working out though :) Hope to keep that up as much as possible. My raise didn't go through :( I either have to start school or find a job with benefits, because I'm going to be kicked out of my parents insurance. I'm going to talk to a school counselor about transferring and hopefully getting accepted to a nearby university.

I need to formulate a diet plan. Any good suggestions? If I don't soon then I'll start gaining. I think I want to fast on friday. Anyone want to do it with me?


Twigs Can Fly said...

Petal and I fast every friday - feel free to join us ^.^
Fasting fridays ftw!


Mina Belle said...

I'm super glad you're back babe! I've missed you!

Ana's Girl said...

It's good to have you back, hunny. Hope you get all those emotions and boy issues straightened out soon. You're smart, so you should be able to get it all good soon. Much love.

Weasel Bee said...

I misssssh you!
By the way, I dunno if I've said this, but I fugging LOVE your haircut, girly. It's so bold and just, amazing. =) Very unique.

I am sorry about your raise! That sucks. =/ What kind of diet are you thinking of? Like ABC diet? I've never done that one, but it actually sounds hella fun... man Norway is sucha buzzkill, I can't get away with anything here. x)

I GET TO FAST ON THURSDAY! Finally finally finally. I am so freaking excited, first time I have found a day where enough lies and deceit can cover for me, normally I'm watched like a hawk. =) Have fun on your Friday fast!


SBB said...

OMFG. My work did that whole "You get a raise!!" and then it fell through BS too! Last year when I was applying for a damn car loan and everything - isn't that just the greatest? *eye roll*

Benefits are good, specially if you're taking expensive meds.

I'm down for a Friday fast! I need a good diet plan too - I'm thinking about cutting out EVERYTHING processed; which leaves veggies, fruits, and not much else!

Oh and thanks for the link, I've been trying really hard to control my spending but with the holidays and wanting to buy some nice presents for loved ones set me back =(

Keep up the working out! I need to get back to that ASAP. And boys and emotions will sort themselves out, I hope it's not dragging you down!

I love you too =)

Oh annnnnnnnnnnd going back to school? That's amazing!!

Getting Closer said...

I always go with the 2468 diet when I don't know what to do, but if you want to fast, just come to my blog and we will totally do it together.
Kisses and stay strong.

Audrey said...

Nice to hear from you again! I'll join your fast;)