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Thursday, December 10, 2009

yay nay

this is a headshot I took yesterday for my agency so they could have a current look
My nephew took the photo as I was getting P his favorite spicy chicken

I will be fixing up his bushman brows, i don't like this pic of me

below: My legs!!! I'm slowly getting there.

I'm floating above and beyond what I ever knew i was capable of, and it scares me.

Yesterday was crazy!! I waited all day to get ready to drive up to the airport to pick up my best friend. I don't know if any of you know about/ are mormon. But P has been serving a mission in africa for two years. Anyway i'm trying to calm my nerves 4 hours until his arrival. I receive a call on my phone. It was P's dad, or so i thought. It took me 30 seconds to realize I was takling to P! Nerves, butterflies, naseua. The works. His flight was delayed a couple hours. You are probably confused as to who P is...let me go find his story..crap I can't find that post. Long story short. We dated a year and a half before he left, he is my bestfriend, i stopped going to church for a long time, so we're going to have to talk about lots of things.

In my religion when boys serve missions they have many many rules. One is no hugging opposite sex(non family). Yes I know this will be so foreign for most of you, but I've known this even before he left. So last night when he came out of the terminal everyone was all hugs, when he approached me I received a hand shake. Because his flight was delayed he couldn't be released. i didn't sleep really. but i just got off the phone with him and I'll be going over around 7..thats 7 hours. UGH I really missed him.
I had a doctors appointment this morning. I've been wanting to get on adderol forever..and it finally happened!!! It really does help me focus and I've been taking it the past two weeks from a friend. I love it. I may have gone overboard a couple times, resulting with absolutely no sleep. Now that I know I can be more responsible. My favorite part is the appetite suppresant. I haven't eaten since that burrito on tuesdsay. I had a coffee yesterday morning, and am about to go get a coffee with J. I know I should eat. I don't want to lose too fast. Especially since I've lost 4 pounds in 3-4 days. I weighed myself this morning. 117.2
Don't get me wrong I'm totally estatic! But since i've gotten back down to this smaller size again people have been throwing comment around again. I just have to be careful. When will I eat? Thats yet to be determined.
Its almost the weekend!! Stay strong!! I'm going try and post on if my computer will let me.


Anonymous said...

LUV your hair cut. The shade of blonde actually looks good on you. Not everyone can pull it off.

Mina Belle said...

you look great :D

If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them -- NRC said...

I love how skinny your legs are! I wish I was 117 pounds!

Sar said...

Hey, you're hot!

Love the post, keep up the good work :) I just took an adderoll as well, lol, from a friend, and I also want it prescribed! What did you tell your doctor?

Take Care : )

Keep warm, it is snowing like crazy here..


anita marie said...

Wow you are looking great :)
Keep up the good work lady ladyyy


Anonymous said...

you are so lovely! i am jealous that you look so perfect with that hair style. i could never get away with it but it just looks so natural on you.


good job you look great!

Flushed said...

I LUV IT!! You are sooooooo cute!! and SKINNY!!!

117!!! AWESOME!!!

My heart goes out to you with the P situation, he's a good man for doing this mission business.

Be Strong!

noelle marie said...

I might be in love with your legs lol :)! Congrats on all the exciting news & I am beyond jealous of your adderol RX, that drug is a godsend!

Sarah. said...

You're so beautiful my dear! That colouring looks amazing on you.
Skinny skinny itty bitty legs!! Ahh lucky girl, love them! :)

Have fun with P cant imagine how nervous you must've been.

Serpentine Vampire said...

You're so pretty. You also look just like one of my friends. I wish I was as thin as you.

Ana's Girl said...

You're beautiful, darling! That hair style is just so perfect for you, and you have a gap between your thighs! I must admit, i'm jealous... but still very happy for you.
Hope you have a good time with P, even without hugging... I don't know if i could do that. I hug everyone! Lol. Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

beautiful hair color! when i get older, i want hair like yours (:. I also love that picture. Thin is so nice! ~<3

KEMPER said...

You're amazing. :) And beautiful.
I know how the mormon-thing is. Kinda strange... A TON of kids at my high school are/were mormon, and only half of them acted like it, if you know what I mean... >_>
Anyway, you look FANTASTIC and I'm hoping to get on adderall too!
Good luck with the boy!
Much love <3

got2bedancin247 said...

you look great! i wish i was 117.. i'm getting there though. 120 lbs. keep up the great work! stay strong! =]