You're not alone

Saturday, December 5, 2009


sometimes when i say how long i want to fast i epically fail. So instead i'll just go with the flow and update my (hopeful) progress. I'll try to put up some before and after pics

1:00 am sw; 122.2(55 ish kg, 8 st 12 :()


Sottile said...

Good luck on your fast!!

Emily said...

I am sorry to hear about you and J but I'm really happy to hear you're trying to work it out as friends. Thats a step in a good direction and hopefully you guys can be good friends with each other. I'm not that good at fasting more than two days in a row. Usually something mucks it up for me, like someone forces me to eat or something. I guess liquid fasts are easier than water fasts.

Stay strong, good luck!


sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

omg, that us so true, whenever i set myself an amount of days, then i never complete it. i'm going with the flow too.
goodluck babe.i hope you get your goal weight soon. XxX

Anonymous said...

yeah! just do what comes naturally, and go with what's thrown at you. I hope you and J work it out, you guys were so cute ^.^ and congratulations on the 122!!

Kate Lunacy. said...

I'm writing this blog to get my thoughts and feelings out of my head and somewhere else. I realize that my lifestyle isn't healthy, but right now I'm just working on making through each day. I've grown to accept my 'problems' and deal with them. I don't promote or encourage eating disorders. If you are here to 'learn' how to get one, i suggest running away because I'd never wish for anyone to get an ED. I'm just trying to cope. This is how I roll. In words of Ingrid Michaelson "All that I know is I'm breathing Now"