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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lots to say, only a little time

First: About the poll I made. I made that when I wasn't in a good mood. I felt useless, lonely, and nobody cared about me waa wa wa. So I aplogize, just deleted it. I know I do help some of you that read, and I will continue to do so. I guess if you want me to delete this blog(because one person really did vote on it) then stop reading my blog eh? Doesn't matter. Other than trying to help others, mainly why do we all blog? For ourselves. I know that this has been a lot of help to me, and I love the support from everyone. I do my best to support you back. My work computer doesn't always allow me to post on some people's blog. Know that I do read yours and post when I can!

And also THANK YOU for your thinspo input. I think I'll make a poll and gather thinspo for a week depending on which category is highest. And then at the end of it I'll post.

Yesterday I got a call from my agent.
I signed with an agency maybe 6-9 months ago.
I never got a job, and eventually stopped hearing from him.
Yesterday he left me a message saying I had a job opp.
So I called him back.
I'm 99% sure that I'll be an extra for an Olympic Commercial(winter 2010)
oh and I'll be making 250 a day
minus 15-20% commission
i will cry if this falls thru
It would be an answer to my prayers to receive a good chunk of money
especially since I don't know if I'll be able to get anyone anything for xmas

Guess how happy I am today
really happy
I've been quite the insomniac the past two weeks
I felt pretty guilty for eating that burrito yesterday
but it did some good
I slept for 6 hours, waking up once briefly
Ladies and Gents(if any. I'd love to find some male bloggers. anyone know of any?)
This is a record for the past two weeks. I either don't sleep
sleep but wake up so often i'd almost rather have just stayed awake

Another reason I'm happy is because of this
One of my texting ana buddies(non blogger) told me her goal weight
i was bored and went to
i calculated how much she could eat
and still lose by the date she wanted
then. I did me! Sheesh.
Start date: 12.9.2009
Start weight: 119
End date: 1.31.2009
Goal weight: 110
Calories I can eat: 852
its nice to see reasonable things like that, and realize...i can reach my goals
I'll be going to the gym more, this week has just been way to busy.
plus no sleep
And now for the other happy thing
My best friend is coming home tonight
I'm driving up to the airport to welcome him home
So I must go
Clean my apartment(he might be over tonight)
make myself beautiful
remember to breath
and avoid food :)
Weaselbee- that will be my next blog
How a two pound gain turned into 17...stay tuned
OH! almost forgot. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow morning.
I got off my anti dep. med. Totally making me crazy
I want to get on adderol. I know it would help
I'll explain why if I get them
if not.
eek I gotta go!!!!


SBB said...

yummy adderol.
Hook. Me. Up. My parents would lose it if they found out I took adderol - however when I DID take it, I felt superhuman.
Good times.
Good luck with the modeling gig, you've so got it ;) hottie!!

Ana's Girl said...

I'm really excited for the thinspo! Like you don't even know how excited i am.
Male bloggers: pokerface at (he hasn't been here much lately though), Marc at, and One Of Ana's Boys at are the three boys that i follow.
Congrats on your job-finding, and good luck with it. I'm so glad to hear that you've been happier :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are doing so well and are feeling so happy! Today seems to be the day for happiness and joy and future bliss!!!
Keep up the good work and you definitely will be 110 by the end of January =)